Why change?

  • Our society is ageing
  • More people are living longer with long-term health conditions
  • Demand on mental health services is increasing
  • Costs are rising
  • West Lancashire is rich in assets, buildings and skills
  • We need to harness what we have in West Lancashire to catalyse change
  • Resources are limited
  • Poor lifestyle choices mean we need better self-care and focus on prevention
  • Access to care should be the same for everyone regardless of location and circumstances
  • We have a hardworking committed workforce
  • There are opportunities to elevate the quality of service delivery
  • Communities prefer to receive care closer to home
  • Communication and IT need to improve
  • People deserve to feel safe within their communities
  • People deserve to live longer, healthier and happier lives
  • Issues faced recruiting the right workforce
  • West Lancashire needs support that is fit for purpose for West Lancashire.

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