Our Vision

A place where we help each other, ourselves and our communities to be the very best they can be.

As a group of organisations, we have a shared vision for West Lancashire. We're commmited to working together to achieve the best we can.

That's doing anything, such as:

  • Encourage the development of better integration across the local health, wellbeing and care system in West Lancashire.
  • Playing our part to ensure West Lancashire continues to be an attractive place to live, work, learn, play, visit and prosper.
  • Working better together for major steps in improved housing, education, employment, environment and tackling climate change.
  • Linking services to opportunities that help people connect, be active, learn, take notice and give.
  • Taking care of our mental health and wellbeing as well as our physical health.
  • Taking better care of ourselves and others.
  • Making bigger strides in ensuring that every child born and living in West Lancashire has the very best start in life.
  • Ensuring people are appropriately supported to achieve in their education and to secure a good job. 
  • Enhancing opportunities for living well as we get older including the way we care for older people.
  • Working with you to ensure that when you do need support of one of the services, you choose well and help us manage the demand.
  • Being bolder in how we make the route through services more manageable.
  • Making services accessible including being closer to home, in your home, where practical and possible.
  • Improving transport links to enable better access to services and jobs and to help you stay socially connected.
  • Not compromising on quality.
  • Supporting our staff.
  • Making better use of technology and the information we have.
  • Sharing information better so you don’t have to repeat your story.

Please read our draft plans for more of an idea of what we are striving for, and how this partnership works.

We hope that feels like a sensible vision to you but please share your views as we would like to know whether this is also what you would like for you and your family, and the rest of West Lancashire.


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