These are the things that we propose are the most pressing matters that we need to focus on together.

  • Supporting people to reach their full potential in education and training
  • Enabling access to good, secure jobs
  • Enhancing economic development potential
  • Enabling enterprise and entrepreneurialism 
  • Working and learning together towards one combined health care and wellbeing workforce
  • Providing the right support to get out of long-term unemployment
  • Supporting the workforce to be healthy and happy

  • Support to look after your mental health
  • Easier access to help stop smoking
  • Better support on what matters to you
  • Helping you stay well through better use of technology
  • Providing better and more accessible opportunities to exercise and adopt a good quality diet
  • Developing a more innovative approach to behaviour change
  • Earlier detection of cancers
  • Enhancing and coordinating better opportunities for volunteering
  • Working better together to tackle harm from drugs, alcohol and other addictions

You'll often see the priorities above depicted as the 'wheel below'.

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WL wheel.jpg

  • Giving every child the best start in life
  • Organising care better around you
  • Improving care of the frail and the elderly
  • Better targeting of interventions, including for mental health
  • Improving diagnosis and care of respiratory disease
  • Ensuring sustainable hospital provision
  • Making every contact with services count
  • Ensuring people with a learning disability get the right support and improved outcomes
  • Ensuring a smoother experience moving between services
  • Improving quality in and out of hospital care
  • Working together to reduce seasonal excess deaths

  • Working better together on healthier homes
  • Delivering quality in the town centre redevelopment 
  • Improving transport
  • Making better use of our public buildings 
  • Tackling climate change and improving air quality
  • Working together for cleaner, greener environments
  • Making best use of our green and open space
  • Beautifying the built and natural environment
  • Supporting neighbourhood development
  • Working together to make sure communities are safe

'Wheel workshop'

In November 21, we held a ‘wheel workshop’. The workshop was attended by representatives from NHS organisations, local authorities, the Department for Work and Pensions, Lancashire Constabulary, education, the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sector (VCFSE) and local businesses. The aim was to look at the priorities identified within the wheel and discuss what our ‘big ticket’ priorities could and should be – the things we need to focus on first. The wheel demonstrates WLP’s commitment to focusing not just on health, but fundamentally on the things that affect people’s lives and have an impact on their health – the wider social determinants.  

The most pressing priorities identified within the workshop were:

  • Mental health
  • Transport
  • Workforce
  • Making every contact count
  • Giving every child the best start
  • Neighbourhood development

These priorities align with four areas previously agreed as areas of focus (mental health, social isolation and lonliness, transport and respiratory). The partnership will now look at those priorities and seek further engagement from our residents about where we need to focus our attention over the next couple of years. 

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